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Six roles of our global network

A core strength of our network is the diversity of experience and expertise that members bring. This creates an ability to undertake different roles and work across different levels (local to global), and to span the different development frameworks and agendas. Here are six interconnected roles that our network plays.


We spark action and energy across and beyond this movement of civil society organisations to speed up an all-society approach for resilience; we facilitate and support local action by working in solidarity with people most at risk.


We strengthen capacities and capabilities through member-to-member and member-to-partner support.


We develop and strengthen relationships and partnerships by connecting local, national and international actors, working across different levels, agendas and frameworks.

Thought Leader

We research, gather, generate and share knowledge, including indigenous expertise and innovations.


We mobilise, we harness local voices and we use our collective influence to lobby and campaign for the needs and priorities of people most at risk.


We strive to ensure greater accountability and transparency through monitoring, reporting and evaluating local-level progress.


GNDR brings a much needed bottom-up approach to the multilateral policy dialogue. A network such as GNDR, by the people and for the people, provides valuable evidence that helps to raise the communities’ voices.

Sergio Perez Leon, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation


Top photo: Credit: Srijan Nandan/GNDR

Above photo: A community member in Haina, Dominican Republic, tells of her experience of the Riesgolandia project during a GNDR South-South country exchange visit. Credit: Lidia Santana/SSID

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The full GNDR strategy document is available in PDF format in four languages.

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